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Disability Insurance Denial

Life sometimes throws curveballs when you least expect it. People plan for the future by saving money, buying life insurance and very often they either join a group disability plan or spend extra for an individual disability insurance policy. The hope is that when you really need to make an insurance disability claim, the company that you bought it from will come through for you. The problem is that many people fail to realize is that most “reputable” disability insurance companies, still make more profits by denying disability claims.

There are many companies that sell short term and long term disability insurance and they all have the same philosophy about paying claims. Pay out the least amount and make more profit.

There are differences between Individual Disability Policies and Group Disability Policies. As a disability insurance attorney, there a more options for us when we are filing a claim on behalf of an individual policy but there are still rights that group policy holders can exercise. At the end of the day, they are both supposed to help you in your time of need.

All disability insurance companies have employees called adjusters who deal with your claim. These adjusters are paid to act as if they are trying to help you, but in actuality, they are incentivized to make sure your disability insurance claims is derailed and very often denied in its entirety. For these disability insurance adjusters and lawyers who make the decision about your life, it is strictly a business decision with no emotion. The more premiums they collect and the less they pay out, the better they do and more bonuses they receive.

It is a fact that in most disability insurance denials, people will tend to give up. Most people feel like the system is stacked against them and after dealing with an insurance company for only a short period of time, policy holders feel like they are up against a brick wall with very limited options. The insurance companies know that this is the case so they will do whatever they can to instill a feeling of uncertainty in the disability insurance claimant. They know that if they get you rattled you will eventually give up and either go back to work with your disability or you will just abandon your claim. Insurance companies get richer because they are experts at starving out claimants. That’s the simple truth.

As your disability insurance lawyer I will fight hard to get you the money you are owed by whatever disability insurance company is denying your claim. You need this money for daily expenses and the reason you bought the disability insurance policy was so that you would not be on your knees if you ever got sick. You may be asking yourself why a big insurance company would play around with your life. The answer is very disturbing. They do it because the can. They know it takes time, money and nerves of steel to fight a disability insurance claim and most people can’t afford to wait.

I myself was a MetLife Disability Insurance Victim. I personally experienced how they play games to avoid paying injured claimants. I fought hard and I won and I want to do the same for you. Call me today on my personal cell phone number at 954.444.4032 so I can hear your story and help you get the money your deserve.

I want to represent you as your disability insurance lawyer. I can help you, but you must contact me now.